If you have problems installing node.js and/or other tools to build and run BlurAdmin on your machine and you just want to download html/js/css files, you can find links for download on this page.

Development (non-compressed) files can be found in {ARCHIVE_ROOT}/blur-admin-{VERSION}/dev-release directory. Compressed files are in {ARCHIVE_ROOT}/blur-admin-{VERSION}/release directory. Then you can just open index.html to view your local version.

Please note: As chrome doesn’t support AJAX requests, when you open HTML file via file protocol, you might need to disable web security to have your template running.

Sample command on OS X:

open -a Google\ Chrome --args --disable-web-security --user-data-dir=~/ChromeDevSession/

Sample command on Linux:

google-chrome --user-data-dir="~/chrome-dev-session" --disable-web-security

Sample command on Windows:

start chrome --user-data-dir="C:/Chrome dev session" --disable-web-security

BlurAdmin 1.3.1 BlurAdmin 1.2.0

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