Sidebar is used to provide convenient way of navigation in the application. Application support only one sidebar per angular application. That means sidebar is basically a singletone object. Currently sidebar supports level 1 and 2 sub menus.

Sidebar can be created using baSidebar directive:


For now it support only javascript configuration. Though it can be configured manually or via ui-router states. This methods can be used either together or one at a time.

Manual configuration

For manual configuration you need to use baSidebarServiceProvider provider in angular configuration block. The provider has addStaticItem method, which receives menuItem object as an argument, which can have following properties:

property type meaning
title String Name of the menu item
icon String Icon (it’s a class name) to be displayed near title
stateRef String ui-router state associated with this menu item
fixedHref String Url associated with this menu item
blank String Specifies if following Url should be opened in new browser tab
subMenu Array of menu items List of menu items to be displayed as next level submenu

Sample manual configuration:

      title: 'Menu Level 1',
      icon: 'ion-ios-more'

Route configuration

By default sidebar iterates through all ui-router states you defined in your application and searches for sidebarMeta object in them. For each state, which has this property, sidebar element is created.

States are being grouped hierarchically. That means if there’s a parent abstract state for some state and they both have sidebarMeta property, it will be displayed as a sub item of that abstract state’s menu item.

Name of the item is taken from state‘s title property. Sample state configuration, which will add an item to sidebar:

        .state('dashboard', {
          url: '/dashboard',
          templateUrl: 'app/pages/dashboard/dashboard.html',
          title: 'Dashboard',
          sidebarMeta: {
            icon: 'ion-android-home',
            order: 0,

sidebarMeta object can have following properties:

property type meaning
icon String Icon (it’s a class name) to be displayed near title
order Number Element’s order in current hierarchy
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