Enabling blur theme

If you want to switch theme to the blur, you need to follow 3 simple steps:

1) Blur theme needs some javascript to calculate initial background offsets for panels. That’s why first thing you need to do is enable that code. This should be done in Angular configuration block. For example you can add following lines to src/app/theme/theme.config.js:

  baConfigProvider.changeTheme({blur: true});

2) As well you need to change some colors. For example Mint‘s default gray text color doesn’t look good on blurred panels. For our blur theme we use following configuration:

    default: 'rgba(#000000, 0.2)',
    defaultText: '#ffffff',
    dashboard: {
      white: '#ffffff',

3) CSS should also be recompiled. Before running build command, we suggest you to switch to blur color profile. To do this replace theme in file src/sass/theme/common.scss:

@import 'theme/conf/colorScheme/mint';


@import 'theme/conf/colorScheme/blur';

3.1) If you would like to use some different background, replace following images:

  • src/app/assets/img/blur-bg.jpg (main background image)
  • src/app/assets/img/blur-bg-blurred.jpg (blurred background image used on panels)

We suggest using 10px Gaussian blur to blur original image.

That’s it! You have successfully blurred your theme! Run gulp serve and check it out.

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