Installation Guidelines


Although ng2-admin can be run without any development experience, it would be much easier if you already have some. The following instructions allow you to run a local copy on your machine.

Install tools

If you don’t have any of these tools installed already, you will need to:

Note: Make sure you have Node version >= 6.0 and NPM >= 3

Clone repository and install dependencies

You will need to clone the source code of ngx-admin GitHub repository. ng2-admin is located in separate branch now after we released ngx-admin. Following command clones repository and checks out this branch:

git clone -b ng2-admin ng2-admin

After the repository is cloned, go inside of the repository directory and install dependencies:

cd ng2-admin
npm install


cd ng2-admin

This will setup a working copy of ng2-admin on your local machine.

Running local copy

To run a local copy in development mode, execute:

npm start

Go to or http://localhost:4200 in your browser.

To run the local copy in production mode and build the sources, execute:

npm run start:prod

or in AOT mode

npm run start:prod:aot

To create a bundle in production mode, execute:

npm run build:prod


npm run build:prod:aot

This will clear up your dist folder (where release files are located), generate a release build and start the built-in server. Now you can copy the sources from the dist folder and use it with any backend framework or simply put it under a web server.